PTA Meetings are open to the entire Manorhaven school community and attendance is encouraged.  Meetings are a great opportunity to learn about what's happening at school, to hear from Principal Mace, ask questions and share your views. Spanish interpretation is available at all PTA meetings, virtual or in-person.Childcare will be provided at in-person, evening meetings on an as-needed basis (RSVP required to secure childcare; children must be potty-trained and comfortable with separation). 


Thursday, 9/21: First Meeting (9.30am)

Wednesday 10/18: Diversity and Inclusion Meeting (7pm)

Wednesday 12/6: PTA Meeting (7pm) (click here to join)

Friday 1/5: PTA meeting (9.30am)

Thursday 2/1: Diversity and Inclusion Meeting (7pm)

Monday, 3/4: PTA Meeting (7pm)

Friday 5/3: PTA Budget Meeting (9.30am)

Friday 6/14: End of year meeting/ Luncheon (12pm)




At the start of school in the fall of 1994 each of the Public Schools in Port Washington had established a "New Compact for Learning" Committee. The basic goal of the Compact is to ultimately improve student achievement. Our district plan established a committee at each school building site to engage in cooperative planning and shared decision making in issues affecting our children's education. The role of the site-based committee is to make decisions consistent with the goals and policies of the district. The committee consists of 4 parent representatives, 4 teacher representatives, 1 support representative, and the school principal. Members of the public are welcome to join Compact Committee meetings as observers; there is no direct participation by non-committee members allowed. Meetings are not recorded.​

Parent representatives: Melissa Arker
Faculty representatives: Mrs. Rex, Mrs. Seidner, Ms. Regan, Mrs. Drucker, Mrs. Oleksiw